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Successful Meetings Result From Terrific Speakers

Recently 30 of the best/most talented speakers in the world, or at least from all parts of the USA, gathered together for a significant “Speakers Success Showcase” in Columbus, Ohio. Meeting Planners, Human Resource Professionals, Corporate Executives, Association leaders, and other VIP’s gathered together to listen and preview each speaker for their meeting needs; speakers presented for 11 minutes in a hotel ballroom.

“Wow! How inspiring—what great experts!”—Meeting Planner

“I was very impressed with the recent showcase—thanks for the videotaping of my showcase preview!”—Speaker

Seminar and workshop leaders, as well as keynote and banquet speakers, experts in many different topic areas (see below), all in one place to preview “live” can not only save meeting planners time and money in booking speakers, but can help people avoid embarrassment by hiring a bad or inappropriate or unprepared speaker. These speakers (which are described as follows) demonstrate the great importance and value of professional outside experts for your next events. They customize the message for your specific audience around your specific objectives.

1) Thom A. Lisk Dr. Lisk was the Master of Ceremonies as the President of Professional Speakers Bureau Int’l. After everyone signed in the event began promptly at 8:30 with a welcome. Each person was given a two page agenda and an attractive portfolio of brochures about each speaker scheduled during the day which concluded at 5 pm. (Most of these speakers can be found on the following website.) Dr. Lisk is the author of several books as seen on however his focus on this Speakers’ Showcase day was never on himself or his programs; it was totally on the speakers who follow and the meeting planners and people attending… people just like YOU! (See special notes at the end of this document)

3) Jerry Gay This incredible Pulitzer-Prize Winning Photo- journalist kicked off the event at 8:37 am after the intro by Thom-Terrific. Mr. Gay shared via a slide show his journey across America to document “life in America in pictures”. This program is perfect for those needing a unique and inspiring message that provides hope for your journey. Each speaker has some entertainment value, and Mr. Gay’s program customized for around your meeting theme is better than TV. He helps you develop a greater sensitivity and puts you in touch with what is most important.

4) Jim “Basketball” Jones A popular speaker based in Ohio speaks before both schools and corporate and association audiences to help them juggle and keep their “balls” or projects moving forward. Jim’s message always receives rave reviews as we can all identify with Jim’s story of overcoming adversity. His program is interactive and lots of fun. Jim twirls and juggles basketballs in his signature and unique way to thrill the audience and to drive home permanently points for more success.

5) Danny Blitz The speakers all enjoyed and benefited from Mr. Blitz as did all attending the BIG Speakers Showcase, the 51st Showcase sponsored by Professional Speakers Bureau International in the past 14 years. Danny is based in Hollywood California even though he like the other speakers can travel to your location for your events. (Other of the speakers below are based in Ohio where this showcase took place. And, other of the speakers are close to Ohio while others are in MN, VA, PA, WA, IL, etc. Now… Danny Blitz is the author of “Herding Tigers: Business Software/the Art of War!” He can equip your team for the business wars so that you win more customer loyalty, sales, and profits.

6) Larry Tomczak CLU, CHFC, CLTC This man is a true legend from the financial services industry who speaks wisely from 30+ years of experience solving difficult problems. We all come to “Forks in the Road” so a speaker like Mr. Tomczak who can help you figure out how-to take the best or right route or turns is well worth listening to and hiring to speak. He can save you thousands, and help you make more $. If you like money, and want to make more and keep more money, get this guy!

7) Kevin Touhey Kevin is a best selling author of The Miracle of Optimism. If your team has been down for whatever reason, maybe due to a weak economy, or slow sales, this is the speaker for you. Touhey can provide the perfect touch in a soft way, not a tough guy way, to bring your people to see the true possibilites and then capitalize on your future. Kevin pays for his affordable fee to speak with better work place attitudes, actions, habits, and more sales, better customer service, and more profits.

8) Adrienne Heard, MBA Team Building Through Better Communication is one of the programs given by this dynamic woman as she helps you to understand all the people you work with or team with so that you can get better results. Adrienne Heard pays for herself when you hire her as your team will work better together generating more and better results, more profits if that is your objective, more harmony. She is a great workshop and seminar leader or trainer and like others on this showcase list she can keynote a conference or serve as a banquet speaker.

9) Rich Zvosec is Coach Z You have seen him on ESPN and may have tasted his perspectives on winning in life not just on the basketball court. Rich is a great motivational speaker, entertaining, inspiring you with his stories of overcoming adversity to win and score more. You can get his demo video tape of his Showcase performance on line by using the email above or phoning 800-705-0079 if you are a serious buyer looking for an expert motivator for your next meeting.

10) Jo Ann Boltinghouse “Life by Choice, Not by Chance!’ was very well received by everyone attending the Speakers Success Showcase. This veteran of the classroom is the author of a great book for children and a contributing author to the NEW book… INSPIRING HOPE!—Stories of Successful Living for More Success. You will love Jo Ann and her way of relating to you and your audience is one of warmth, charm and love. She is an international leader and Board Member of a world famous company so she can speak to a variety of audiences—check her out now.

11) Greg Benneck “Greg is an outstanding and entertaining keynote speaker.” You will love Greg’s interactive method to make his points for increased creativity and transformation to gain better results. He has an audience member toss him one juggling ball at a time as he makes one point at a time while juggling balls as he finishes while amazingly juggling five balls at the same time and doing other memorable tricks. Yes, this speaker drives home points in a uniquely entertaining memorable way.

12) Jeff Peden, MEd, CIG Mr. Peden is an incredibly talented, energetic and dynamic expert speaker who knows how to educate and motivate almost any audience. He has several messages to choose from however at the Showcase presented “The Biggest Payoff”. If you want a better RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT of time, talent, or treasure—you resources, your money—this may be the perfect speaker for you. He gives keynotes as well as seminars and workshops and like other of the speakers can facilitate meetings including Board Retreats, annual conferences, etc.

13) Mark “Stress Doc” Gorkin You will love March Gorkin who often completes his programs with his customized rap songs that help drive home the message with humor and fun so that you never forget how to create and maintain a safe stress zone in your life and in your workplace. You may be interested in knowing more about the background of Mark and the other speakers, their credentials. Go to: Mark was recently featured on the HOME PAGE however now you can find him from the TOPICS page, one way, by typing in his name in the Google search box while staying on a ONE STOP SHOPPING CENTER FOR THE MOST TERRIFIC SPEAKERS IN AMERICA/THE WORLD.

14) Karen Litzinger, MA This articulate and well researched speaker expert travels from the greater Pittsburgh area to your next event. She spoke in the afternoon at this one day showcase event too on another topic. As the lucky 13th speaker of the day at the BIG SHOWCASE you could have heard her speak about Etiquette, Business Dining, Protocol or Career Choice. Your people need this expert speaker more than you might realize so do email us for details about her. Business Etiquette issues do translate easily into more sales and more profits. Email for Karen @...

Between 8:30 am and 12:30 pm 17 speakers spoke in the same room of the Embassy Suites Conference Center ballroom. Dr. Thom Lisk, speaker #1 above, did not give an 11 minute showcase preview, he served as the MC. Now, keep reading about the next great speakers in the morning, and then afternoon. If you would like the CD or DVD of each of the 11 minute messages call or email us for complete details: Phone: 614-841-1776

15) Mike Schadek, Esq. Mike is a man who leaves a lasting impression as a speaker with his “2AOK” message which includes a challenging plan to change your world with two acts of kindness each day. 2AOK can improve your life, your home, your workplace, and create more teamwork. Mike tragically lost his three year old daughter at age 3 and to escape depression realizing the days we have with one another, especially family members, are so precious, that we would have more happiness if we served one another with more acts of kindness. He not only inspires you how-to, he recommends a journal for recording your acts of kindness and this in itself, upon review, motivates you. Phone: 614-841-1776 today. Mike is a contributing author to the new book: INSPIRING HOPE!

16) Helene Leonetti, MD Helene is not your typical Medical Doctor, she is hard wired for love and shows you and your people how to love your way to more success. She provides cutting edge research and does so in a way that you can get a handle on and apply in your daily living. She helps increase your holistic health and well being. Just meeting her will make you a better person but hearing her speak for a workshop or as a keynote speaker is permanently life-changing. Women issues are her specially including improving how you love yourself—self-esteem issues—and how you therefore love and serve the VIP’s in your life. Check her out! See her at and read her heart rendering story in INSPIRING HOPE—Stories of Hopeful Living for More Success… book is available at all fine bookstores or at books on the website link just given.

17) Garry Benford This Charles Atlas hunk of a man is a soft spoken expert into the important issues of Health & Wellness. His handout materials are outstanding and he provides outlines that are easy to follow. You can’t go wrong with this Columbus Ohio area based speaker so call for him to speak at 614-841-1776… ask for free health improving materials.

Now… the lunch break was from 12:30 to 1:30 at this best in America Speakers Showcase and then you could have heard the following speakers. And, you can still hear them as they have individually preview tapes FREE if you are a meeting planner looking to purchase a speaker; or you can purchase the entire one day showcase event, a $400 event, for $200, phone or email for details or to purchase a speaker:

Afternoon speakers… Again the MC Thom A. Lisk presents to you…

18) Bobbi Holliday Starting at the wonderfully healthy and tasty luncheon, and then in ballroom, this talented flutist, poet, yogi expert, and more, kicked off the afternoon with ideas to comfort, motivate, harmonize your life. Bobbi lives in Ohio and is a great choice especially for women’s groups and seniors as she is such a wonderful role model. Two of her male grandchildren joined her in the audience to cheer her on and assist.

19) Dick Stoner Do you remember this comedy magician from his appearances on TV first years ago on the Johnny Carson show or other shows more recently? Dick can have your audience rolling in the aisle with laughter as Professional Speakers Bureau has booked him many times and you can find him on

20) Rhoda Isralov She has wonderful credentials and a skilled business background which includes serving as (a past) President of the Central Indiana Chapter of the National Speakers Association. What a unique and talented woman speaker! Today she spoke about business or ghost blogging – do you know anything about that? Our bureau has a new blog where this entire document is or will soon be posted. Like many companies and individuals we would like to drive more traffic to our website and Rhoda is the person to help us all understand how to do that in today’s competitive marketplace at no charge. Generating new business can be costly, so reduce your costs and increase revenues, contact us to schedule Rhoda Isralov for your business leaders or entrepreneurs, etc.

21) Bruce Evans, CAE, CMP, CEM Speaking of credentials, this expert and veteran speaker is, it appears, the only person in the USA with the credentials after his name that you see listed. Association people all respect CAE’s as Certified Association Executives. And, meeting planners know that CMP stands for Certified Meeting Professional. Curious what CEM stands for? Contact us for more info about Bruce Evans who has experience as a judge and as someone who has worked in Washington DC but now lives in Ohio.

22) Steve Vladem, PhD, DSc. This man’s story of overcoming adversity will tear your heart out and show you want is possible if you persevere. Inspiring and motivating Dr. Vladem also is one of the most intelligent easy to work with speakers you will find anywhere. His eye transplant story may soon lead to a made for TV movie about his life. Dr. Lisk first encountered this expert at the International Platform Association meetings in 2001—2002 where Steve has presented Sliver Bowls to world renowned experts, IPA is the first and oldest association for speakers in the world. Steve is Jewish and relates well to people of all faiths and backgrounds, anyone wanting INSPIRING HOPE (contributor) will benefit.
Learn about this new book, order a copy at…

Kevin McNulty spoke again in the afternoon! See him above as #5. A descriptive brochure can be faxed, emailed, and we can direct you to each speakers website for more information however look for all speakers first at and go to Speakers or Topics from toolbar.

23) James E. Vaughn This former head of OSHA in Ohio is a national safety expert. Do you have safety issues on the job? Then this may be the expert for you. His credentials are broad and deep and given enough time to prepare for a speaking engagement, like all these experts, he will deliver a homerun making the meeting planner out to be a hero with those attending. Phone 614-841-1776 for Jim and other safety experts!

After a brief mid-afternoon break… Speaker #25…

24) Larry Crain … Told us about how to create video for marketing any products, services, ideas, or your company or yourself. He did the three camera video taping shoot, along with his wife, of the Showcase on a recent October day in Columbus, Ohio, home of the Ohio State Buckeyes… Go Bucks! This speaker can help YOU make or earn more bucks—real money—by using his ideas and systems for video production and marketing via video. Whether you want to use video on-line in some way or have CD or DVD products to market and sell, you may want to consider using Larry Crain, or start with him as a speaker, IDEA: Easy, economical, effective EVENT VIDEO… professional video taping, turnkey DVD and web upload for reasonable pricing. Boost your bottom line! and we can give you his direct contact info if you ask us nicely. Thank you.

25) Christina Staccia, MA is the oldest living person at age 50 to have survived from an illness that was diagnosed as a child; it kills everyone but she can teach you how to reverse childhood (or any kind of) diabetes regardless of your age. She is the President of a national organization for the handicapped. She can talk about Diversity and many other issues that inspire and educate your human resources towards more success.

26) Joy Kouns, PhD, SHRM, This wonderful expert has a broad and diverse background that makes her an excellent coach for all kinds of human resources; and as a speaker she has several programs to choose from including empowering career advancement ideas around you and your team determining things like, “What is your color?” The more we understand about each other the more we can care and make a difference. Joy Kouns is recently married to another expert speaker Dr. Doug Lewis and together they make a great team to solve your most difficult people issues and problems. She will give you joy in the workplace and in your personal life… Find more Joy for successful living. Contact us today!

Karen Litzinger, speaker #15 above, presented again in the afternoon at the BIG Speakers Success Showcase the important topic of… Pet Loss and Bereavement Ask for details if you are struggling with a pet loss.

27) Cynthia Lundeen Her program entitled accurately “Centuries of Style” is a unique and very interesting program for all kinds of audiences including for Business Events and Fund-raisers and association banquets. She is very articulate and cultured in a fun and not lofty way; you will love Cynthia and her expertise into the world of millinery. Wearing hats can change or improve your image. Don’t be afraid to be distinctive and differently better just like the beautiful Cynthia Lundeen. A great speaker for many groups, not just women’s groups. Remember when men wore hats? What you wear says a lot about you? You may have seen her designs in national magazines. She is based in sunny Ohio.

28) Walter Smith The first person released from Ohio prisons due to DNA testing; he was not bitter by being wrongly incarcerated for several years, he turned his BIG lemon into a BIGGER lemonade by becoming a world class winning body builder with a message as big and bold as his story. He is just what the doctor would order for many groups. He like the other speakers is booked by Professional Speakers Bureau Int’l, President Dr. Thom A. Lisk. Walter is featured on

Jerry Gay, the 2nd listed speaker above, closed the actual presentations with another pictorial slide presentation that was meaningful and can be customized for meetings to bring more hope, health, and inspiration.

29) Lorna M. Lisk, MS The bureau owners wife is also a terrific speaker… she speaks mostly for religious groups. Lorna was the timer on the front row all day at this BIG Showcase event. Lorna was the Catholic Woman of the Year in 2002 for the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio, 23 counties. She did not speak at the showcase other than to say thank you to all. And, “thanks to Lorna, my better ½, for her help today and everyday.” Lorna is my woman of the year today and all year long, so says her husband. Lorna, often with her husband Thom co-speaking, has spoken to groups in about 30 major USA cities and around the world in a dozen countries. She is a Charismatic faith healer with messages from the Bible that bring Hope.

Thom Lisk, MC, gave away 50+ books over the lunch hour; and more free speaker prizes or gifts were presented to people who attended throughout the day and at the end of the event shortly after the closing hour of 5 pm.

Now… remember please… The life-enhancing Speaker Success Showcases are unique events done with videotaping of the speakers above and we provide meeting planners of all types’ resources to plan for and execute better meeting with better and the most terrific speakers within the budget you can afford. See this link for upcoming showcase dates and locations:

Contact the speakers above today for more info: 614-841-1776.

We put you in direct contact with the speakers and provide FREE value added services for meeting planners included negotiated best fees and free back-up or replacement speakers just in case of meeting emergencies when a speaker can not appear.

Video demo tapes are now being prepared for most of these speakers and/or updated client references can be provided too.

Get a most…Terrific speaker… from… … phone 614-841-1776 to talk turkey, we mean your speaker needs.


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